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I am…

  • a linguist interested in sign language linguistics, specifically (formal) degree semantics, but also phonology and lexicography
  • a Ph.D. candidate at Masaryk University
  • an Assistant lecturer at Masaryk University
  • an editor of an online sign language dictionary Dictio
  • a native Slovak speaker (so feel free to ask for Slovak data)
  • living and working in Brno, Czech Republic (so feel free to ask for data from Czech speakers as well)
  • cycling everywhere and loving it!

Contact & Affiliation
+420 549 498 493

Masaryk University
Brno, Czech Republic

Support Centre for Students with Special Needs (Teiresiás)

Office of Sign Language and Deaf Culture

Komenského náměstí 2
Brno, 602 00
Czech Republic